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FOUNDER OF UX FACTOR DESIGNcontact me – 250.588.2206


Increasing product value is my passion.  

I redesign bad tech to be EASY and good tech to be AWESOME.


My passion for results-oriented user-centered design (UCD) helps me lead the design of satisfying, profitable products. 29+ years designing products, mentoring designers, and collaborating with executives, developers and end users to improve revenue, profit and customer retention. I enjoy achieving business goals and satisfying users.


  • User Experience Strategy/ Product Design
  • User Interface/ Visual Design/ Clickable Prototypes
  • Information Architecture/ Wireframes
  • Design Leadership/ Content Strategy/ Writing


  • Wireframe/prototype: Axure, Balsamiq, Invision
  • Content: WordPress, GIMP, CMSLite, Affinity Designer
  • Web: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX
  • Agile App Dev: SDLC, SCRUM, QA, OOP, SVN


  • Disciplined Self Starter, Organized
  • Collaborative Leader, Inventor, Trainer

Employment History

Senior User Experience Architect – Sep 2017 – currentSchneider Electric

Senior User Experience Architect – KeyNexusJan 2017 – current

User Experience Architect/Consultant  UX Factor Design (US & Canada)1989 – current

Senior User Experience Architect – Bambora/Beanstream Commerce2015 – 2017

Senior User Experience Architect – Complia Health (International)2016

User Experience Designer/Consultant Qubit Computing (Victoria)2015

UX Content Strategist – B.C. Govt (Victoria)                     2014-2015

Design/Dev Architect – Swell, LLC (San Diego)                    2014

UX Design/Dev Consultant – B.C. Govt (Victoria)                                2013 – 2014

Software/UX Architect – Neverblue Inc  (Victoria)                                                            2011

UX/System Architect – Moment USA Inc. (San Francisco)                  2009-2012

UX & Dev Designer –  MicroDivision, Inc (New York)                                                    2007-2008

Lead UX/ Dev Architect – Mercurial Communications (Columbus, Victoria, Dulles)2002-2006

UX Developer – Atomic Energy of Canada (Chalk River, Ottawa)   1987-1989

Education, Awards, Inventions

2014-2017       Designs Featured in Art Museums (Rotterdam, Mountain View, CA & NYC)

2017                  Expert Book Reviewer for Elsevier – Observing the User Experience

2009-2015      Patented invention Homescreen Widget Patent USPS 8,881,047

Used by 1.2 billion mobile users daily.

2008-2015       Modern Design Training

Visual/UI design. Best practices in HCI / User Experience Design, Material Design, Contextual Inquiry, Personas, User Stories, research, gamification, wireframing, prototyping, content strategy

1989-2014        System & Tech Training

CSS, Javascript and web design, mobile and desktop app design

1992                Invented Live Wallpaper

1990-92          Designed the world’s #1 selling software app

1983-1987        Fanshawe College, Controls Engineering Technology

Optimized feedback loops, control systems, graphics, robotics, iterative design

1986-87            Winner 1st Prize – RI/SME University level North America Robotics Competition

1985                 Winner of 2nd Prize – DPMA/ACFOR Tomorrow’s Innovators Fourier Analysis Tool



Led Design of B2C Healthcare Portal for B2B Customers of Complia Health 
Led the redesign of a global healthcare portal to help agencies improve sales, payments and retention with their care clients. The white-labeled portal was designed for local rebranding in Canada, USA and Australia. Designed responsively following best practices for collaborative care between health agencies, clients and their families.

Redesigned User Experience for Bambora/Beanstream Internet Commerce
As Senior UX Architect, led dramatic design improvements on local and global teams for a Fintech company. Led the adoption of user centered design (UCD) for merchant and partner portals, e-commerce, mobile apps, point of sales, client onboarding and marketing site. Led local research, analysis, wireframing, prototyping and refactoring while contributing to global design efforts. Developed actionable personas, tactical user journeys, visual designs and clickable prototypes to guide effective user experience improvements and better KPI results for North America and global markets.

UX/UI Homescreen Widget Patent
Patented invention of optimized homescreen widgets for mobile or desktop devices, currently used by 1.2 billion Android users daily. USPS 8,881,047 Systems and Methods for Dynamic Background User Interface(s) Multiple methods of creating interactive widgets on smartphones, tablets, computers or on any computing device or screen.

User Experience Architect/ConsultantUX Factor Design Inc
Consulted and led high profile design projects for large (Microsoft, AOL Time Warner, Netscape, HP) to small clients. Designed widely used and highly rated products for desktop, web and media engagement systems, including world class apps (PowerDrawers), web browsers and other web/desktop products.

Led UX Design of Personal Media Sharing – Moment
Designed a powerful social media aggregation system. Led ideation, research, design, and prototyping to validate the approach to monetize personal social storytelling. Inspired direct involvement in my silicon valley startup from execs from Adobe, Second Life, DivX and LucasArts and acclaim from luminaries such as Apple founder Steve Wozniak.

Designed After Dark/Magic Screensaver Product Line
Led the team to create the award-winning worldwide #1 best-seller, the After Dark flying toasters screensaver. Created the massively profitable screensaver market serving 320M+ paid users where none existed before. Team lead for UX, ideation, visuals, and system design. Featured in TV shows and movies, the product success was credited to superior usability and is featured in design museums as important in the history of design.

Lead UX/Architect for Netscape Web Browser, AOL Time Warner projects
Brought in $11M worth of high-profile contracts from AOL Time Warner & Netscape. Designed improved versions of high profile web and desktop-based projects including a redesign of the Netscape web browser. Led strategy and UX Design on major projects causing a 40x profit growth for the contracting firm.

Designed World Class UI Enhancement PowerDrawers
Designed the #1 award-winning user interface enhancement that streamlined and improved many sub-optimal features of Windows. Winner – PC World – #1 Best Utility World Class Award, Windows Magazine – #1 Best in Class

Redesigned UX for Nuclear Reactor Safety  
Atomic Energy of Canada
Brought worldwide attention to AECL by designing an internationally acclaimed safety system for nuclear reactor operators. Designed visualization software, risk analysis tools and multimedia working in the ADAPT dept (Advanced Decision Aids & Productivity Tools) on mission and life-critical applications.

More Accomplishments

Refactored UX of Martial Arts Business   UpLevel MA
Improved the quality and profitability of martial arts schools by designing UpLevel MA, a data-driven system to improve student retention, scores and satisfaction while reducing instructor workload.

Increased Microsoft Brand & Feature Awareness
Increase awareness and acceptance of new Microsoft products with tools used by 250M+ customers. Enhanced the launch of new Windows versions,  and showcased improved UI and communication features. Helped users ease into new videoconferencing features by designing the Microsoft Connection Wizard.

Improved Content Strategy & Information Architecture – B.C. Govt
Improved the organization and clarity of hundreds of pages on B.C. government site, streamlining content to improve the UX and information architecture. Improved site quality, usefulness, and maintainability for relevant personas. Designed an interface to collect, collate and organize thousands of planning documents.

Created First Windows Action Game Operation: Inner Space
Led design and dev team to create the first profitable action game for Windows. Designed adaptive play based on cognitive psychology and iterative improvements. Inner Space was acclaimed for its focus on user experience over eye candy. The only game still bought and used in original form (20+ years after release)

Designed OhHelp, a Web-based Video Help System
Transformed MicroDivision’s OhHelp from a blue-sky idea into an actionable, monetizable e-learning platform. Defined personas and led design on a monetized Web 2.0 multimedia help system to connect learners and experts.

Responsive Mobile App Design for EMDR Assist
As a UX consultant, designed a web/mobile app interface, branding and feature focus for responsive mobile apps. The app facilitates Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy. Defined personas and applied User Centered Design to feature flow for both clients and clinicians.

Redesigned Playboost Customer Engagement App
Redesigned online game plug-in as a web-based client app to increase engagement & monetization. The redesign expanded the app’s reach across browsers and platforms and allowed profitable expansion into a game center.



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